I was only four years old, when the stage called me for the first time. I couldn't resist it. I followed the call and stepped on the boards with my father and accompanying the brass folk band he was involved in I sang for the first time in front of an audience. No fear. No hesitation. Just pure joy. Year or so later, I started attending musical arts school, as a piano player.

 Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Vivaldi. I studied the classical masters and their music was fueling my passion. Their virtuosity lit a spark that became the flame of something bigger than life. It was more than ten long years I spent dancing my fingers between whites and blacks.

 And then I discovered EDM. And not long after that my soul was struck with the sword of Heavy Metal. And a piano was no longer enough for me. I needed something new. So I sat upon the majestic throne of the drums. Their rhythm was like the calling of the warband.

 And after two years I decided, that it was enough, and I picked up an axe. I self-taught  to play electric guitar and bass. And hard rock and heavy metal really ended up my biggest joy. My ultimate pleasure.