$.Nelly - Part 2 - a Cyberpunk story

With one of her hands on the door handle and holding her laptop in the other one, she now had one last chance to bail. But she knew she’s not going to do it. Quickly she put her foot in the door, so it wouldn’t close and packed all her things back into her backpack. One last look towards the drone still in the sky, she opened the door and walked right into the dark hallway.

No lights, not even an emergency light. Complete darkness surrounded her, as the entry door shut behind her, once she walked in. She took her phone out of her pocket, and used the last power that it had, to navigate herself through the narrow corridor. Down the stairs, then a long straight, turn left, down the stairs.

“What’s this?” she wondered as she hit metal bars in front of her. Metal floor, metal ceiling, and bars in front of her, on the left, on the right, and… Boom.

The sound of squeaking metal with a loud bang almost hit her forehead as she turned around trying to figure out what the hell is going on. But now she knew exactly. She was trapped in a cage. Possibly to prevent intruders to get in. But before she could even ask herself what to do now, the cage started moving upwards.

A neon light started flooding her eyes after a few seconds, as she raised from below the floor to the middle of the room. She had to get used to it but very quickly realized, she is in the middle of an underground club. And everybody was staring at her. She was trapped in this cage, hanging from the ceiling like a bird, and couldn't do anything to get out.

“Fuck” she said as she saw all the people and she dropped on the floor of her cage, sitting next to her backpack. She was speechless. She was expecting anything, but not this.

“So.” Started a man's voice behind her.

She turned around, but couldn’t see his face in the shadow. Just his body. Old black jeans with tears and pins everywhere. Bare chest “covered” with a green fishnet t-shirt. Tattooed arms with leather bracelets with metal spikes. Fingerless leather gloves and nails covered in glowing green polish. Why can’t see his face, she wondered? He was not wearing a hoodie. Then, a split second later, she realized, as he stepped out of the shadow, revealing his mask. Cybernetic plague doctor. Big raven’s beak with cyber locks covered his whole face.

“You tried to sneak in.” He continued walking towards the cage. “And you failed.”

He carried himself with confidence. It was apparent, that he was the leader of the group, as everybody’s eyes were just on the two of them. He walked towards her down the metal staircase, with his heavy boots echoing the space. Everybody was silent. Just neon lights buzzing above them and cooler fans doing their best to handle the heat of the stage lights. S

“Stage?” she thought for herself for a second, as she realized where he was coming from. But her line of thoughts was interrupted by his question.

“So,” he repeated himself. “What will we do with you now?”

She knew he was staring her right in her eyes, even she couldn’t see him, as his eye sockets glow bright green, almost blinding her. He stands in front of her, waiting for her reply. Silence got unbearable as everybody was waiting for her response. She didn’t know what to answer. She panicked.

“I love you” came out of her mouth.

She tried to cover them, but it was too late. She couldn’t take those words back. She saw the whole room gasp. She felt terrible. How could she blow her only chance like this? She started sobbing and crying silently, trying to cover her face with her arms, as she pushed her head to her knees. Nobody said a word. Nobody made a sound. Everybody was waiting. Waiting for His response. Quietly sobbing and crying in her cage holding her backpack to her chest, she suddenly got struck with words, she wasn’t expecting to hear. Like a lightning boom during a storm. Out of the blue, she heard a whisper in her ear, that blew her mind.

“No. I love you, Nelly.”

Suddenly huge flames shoot from the stage followed by a loud bang of pyrotechnics. Lights went crazy. Strobes creating a stop-motion effect, pink-purple with acid green filling the room with the craziness of a drunken Russian Gopnik trying to impress his Slavs. Music started playing and everybody started dancing as a DJ risen his hands in the air with voice filling the whole room through the PA system:

“Are you fucking ready you freaks?”

Everybody was in trance. Screaming, chanting, and loudly applauding the bizarre scene that just happened in the middle of the dance floor.

“Give it up for Mr. Havran! Come on you fuckers, make some noise!” DJ screamed to the microphone and the crowd went crazy.

The door to the cage suddenly opened and she fell out to his arms. Somebody grabbed her backpack as she cried on his shoulder uncomfortably, as he still had his mask on him.  

“Let's go backstage” he whispered in her ear. “And let me answer you some questions, you probably are having right now. She nodded.

“You deserver an explanation,” he told her, as they moved to one of the side exits, with a man following them with her backpack in his hand.