Musician. Writer. Geek.

Hello everbody.
I am a level 28 geek. A musician. Multi-instrumentalist who is building a home recording studio, so I will be able to compose, record and produce my own music. I am also a performer, with some live shows coming in 2020. I mostly play metal music but I just can't say no to some 80's synthwave.  I love to experiment with my music, combining metal riffs and synthesizers with some ambient & atmospheric elements.

I'm also a writer, with my first book hitting the shelves in summer 2021. Writing is a part of my life almost as long as music was. And in the spare time , I love to play some video-games. Steam, Battle-net, Nintendo Switch. I've collected over 400 over the years. Also I love some board games and general sci-fi & fantasy geek stuff.